Daudzfunkcionāls lādētājs palaidējs 12V 900A 17Ah ar kompresoru

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A multifunctional device, useful in every garage and car Thanks to it, you can start the car, charge the phone, light the road and inflate the wheels Functions: Charger – the starter for the car; Air compressor; LED Lighting; 12V power supply Integrated battery 12 V / 17 Ah (17000 mAh) (lead acid) Charging / starting sockets 12 V Current for fast charging 400 A Maximum starting current 900 A It has built-in 500 mm jumper cables and a 550 mm compressor hose Maximum air compressor pressure 300 PSI (20 bar) Lighting lamp LED 1 X 15 Protection Overload fuse In the set included: multifunction device – jump starter; integrated charging and starting cables; integrated air compressor with hose; nozzle set (inflate mattress, ball, tires, etc.); chargers are designed to charge the device from a 220V or 12V socket  svars 4.7 kg


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